Innate Intelligence – The Health That You Possess

By Robert J. Steiskal, D.C.

The health profession that we know as Chiropractic has been around for since 1895. During the first half of the 20th century, thousands of men and women chiropractors went to jail for ‘practicing medicine without a license’ because the medical scientific world of that day could not accept the different concept: Health comes from within. Chiropractic calls this healing ability innate intelligence.

Over the last 60 years chiropractic has attempted to align its philosophy with the scientific model by including more and more biological and clinical science classes into its curriculum. Today a chiropractic education provides more basic science to its students than a medical doctor receives for his M.D. degree, but chiropractors have still been criticized as being unscientific. The reason for this alienation from mainstream medicine still has to do with a difference in philosophy.

The accepted medical model is based on a fundamental belief (dogma) that all the information starts in the DNA, which is found in the genes of every cell and controls the body. The DNA is thought of as the brain of the cell and we are predestined by the coding contained within those genes.

The principals of chiropractic were clearly spelled out in a 1910 textbook written by the founder of chiropractic, D.D. Palmer, and states that an innate intelligence flows through the cells of our body to allow the cells to harmonize with their environment (homeostasis). This original philosophy laid down over 100 years ago is proving to be the most accurate assessment of today’s modern biology. Cutting edge cellular biological research is validating these chiropractic principals and now we know how this innate flow tells the genes (DNA) what proteins to make to bring the necessary responses for all life to exist on earth. Another amazing fact is that this scientific knowledge base is doubling every 3 ½ years. I will attempt to demonstrate some of the exciting discoveries that are responsible for this turn around in the conventional thinking of scientific researchers.

1) Bruce Lipton, PhD. was doing stem cell research at Harvard and Stanford and saw that undifferentiated stem cells were under the control of their environment and not there genes. Stem cells that were kept in a neutral environment (culture) would make more stem cells. If one of these cells was placed in a different culture, it would become a nerve cell. A stem cell placed in another culture would turn into a muscle cell and a third culture type would make a stem cell develop into a bone cell. Through this research he determined that the cell membrane received signals from its environment and sent chemical signals to the cell’s DNA to make proteins to change the cell so that it could become compatible with its surroundings.

In simple organisms that are made up of just a few cells, all of the cells are on the outside of the organism and communicate with their environment. In more massive organisms that have cells on the inside there is a need for the outside cells to send information to the inside cells so that they too can react to the outside world. This is why the nervous system forms first out of the came cells that form the skin (ectoderm). Dr. Lipton also explained that our body, which is a community of 50 trillion cells, responds exactly like a single stem cell. The skin receives stimuli from the environment and sends messages via the nervous system to all of the 50 trillion cells to achieve homeostasis (balance/stability).

2) On October 6, 2003, two cellular biologists received the Nobel Prize in chemistry for the contributions in cell membrane function. The first researcher was able to describe all the electromagnetic signals, all the chemical membrane responses, and the exact three dimensional structure of the protein necessary for the transport of water into a cell through the cell membrane.
The second researcher mapped out the entire pathway for sodium and potassium transport in and out of the cell membrane, including the proteins and their structures to accomplish these tasks. Each man had spent five to seven years of research to achieve these results. These basic vital functions of cell metabolism are all triggered by the external environment and not from within by the cell DNA. The DNA provided the coded information so that the cell could react and stabilize.

3) Henry Winsor, M.D. received permission from the University of Pennsylvania many years ago to perform autopsies on human and cat cadavers to see if there was a relationship between any diseased internal organ and the vertebrae associated with the nerves that went to that organ. He dissected a total of 75 human and 22 cat cadavers. There was nearly a 100% correlation between ‘minor curvatures’ of the spine and diseases of the internal organs. Dr. Winsor’s results were published in The Medical Times and can be found in any medical library.

4) Next I will describe the amazing details of two sets of conjoined twins. Masha and Dasha Krivoshlyapova, they were born in Russia on January 4, 1950, and have four arms and three legs (the third leg is vestigial and protrudes behind them). Their spines are joined at the hips. Each controls one leg and they share a common bladder and reproductive system. They have separate hearts, lungs, and digestive systems which become one at the large intestine. Dasha is prone to colds while Masha has a healthier constitution. They share the same blood, but when one got the measles (childhood virus), the other remained healthy.

Microorganisms (germs), by themselves, cannot cause disease. Germs can make you sick only if your body provides them fertile ground in which to grow. If germs in and of themselves caused disease, both girls would have become ill when the virus got into their bloodstream. Research continues to affirm that a nervous system free from stress will promote a healthy immune system.

Second, Abigail and Brittany Hensel (Abbey-Britty) are conjoined twins who share a single body and were born in the United States on March 17, 1990. They also have separate heads, nervous systems and spines that join in the lower back to form one pelvis. They have separate hearts, lungs, and digestive systems that become one large intestine. They each control one arm and one leg and have one reproductive system. They also share the same blood supply, just like Masha and Dasha. Britty is on the left and has a weaker immune system. When she is sick, Abbey is healthy. Britty has trouble taking antibiotics so Abbey takes them for her. The medical dogma that germs cause disease is once again, fifty years later, proven false with Abbey-Britty Hensel.

5) Ronald W. Pero, PhD. was doing research at the Sloane Kettering Research Institute in New York and was attempting to study the difference in immune response in healthy versus sick individuals. He took blood samples from all test subjects and performed certain chemical tests to determine their immune response. Dr. Pero found an average response of 20 in the people with known diseases like cancer, etc. In the test group of healthy people, he had an average immune response of about 40. His research project was going well until he was approached by some chiropractors, after one of his lectures and was asked how he knew that his healthy test group was healthy. The chiropractors said that healthy people are those individuals who have been under long term chiropractic care to keep their nervous systems working at their optimum. Since the immune system functions through the nervous system, these long term chiropractic patients have to be healthier than Dr. Pero’s test group. Dr. Pero challenged these chiropractors to send fifty of these ‘healthy’ chiropractic patients to New York and he would test their immune response.

I personally know three of these fifty subjects who paid their own way to New York for testing. Dr. Pero found that the average immune response of these chiropractic patients was around 80! This literally ‘blew’ his study and Dr. Pero has had to rethink his view on health. He too had to make the jump to the new thinking on what keeps us healthy and what allows us to become sick. Dr. Pero presented his study in 2004 and verified his original results and published the study.

In summary, each and every cell in humans, and in all living things, has all the information it needs stored in its DNA to create the entire organism. This coding is activated in each cell by the stimuli the cell receives through its outside membrane
(cell wall). We are not hardwired and genetically predestined by our genes, but are able to respond to the outside world and make the necessary chemical changes to survive.
The immune system has an intimate relationship with the nervous system and the endocrine system. Proper care of the spine, which gets damaged as it goes through life, will allow the immune system to function at its optimum and provide the protection that is needed to stay healthy and fight disease. As discussed earlier in this article, current scientific research is validating the chiropractic principles laid down 100 years ago and is challenging the medical model of health. (Newtonian biology vs. Quantum biology)

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