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Do you have a Slipped Disc?

Due to injury, misuse or degeneration, a disc may herniate (bulge) and press against a spinal nerve and has often been termed "slipped disc" or "pinched nerve." A primary contributing factor to a bulging or protruding disc is what chiropractors call a "spinal subluxation." The term "subluxation" refers to a change in position of one vertebra on another (spinal misalignment) resulting in trauma to the intervertebral disc. This trauma may be associated with pain and reduced mobility. Read the entire article, Do you have a Slipped Disc?, by Dr. Steiskal.

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Backbone with Nerves

backbone with nerves Your nervous system integrates and regulates the organs and tissues of your body.

Misalignment of the spinal vertebrae can cause irritation to the nerves which, in turn, will affect the organs and tissues depending upon the corresponding nerve.

Click on the spinal chart to the left to view a larger illustration and see the relationship between the nervous system and the body.

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