Stages of Spinal Degeneration

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Normal Neck CurveLoss of Normal CurveProgressive Degenerative ChangesSevere Degeneration

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Do You Have a “Slipped Disc” ? Well, Not Really . . .

By Robert J. Steiskal, D.C.

When it comes to the spine, the average person’s only interest is with PAIN. Statistics claim that each of us will be disabled with low back pain at least twice in our lives. We may, on average, only miss a couple days work, but many people find back pain to be a lifelong “challenge”. For too long, and too often, the general public has been coerced into thinking that surgery is the only answer for a diagnosis of “slipped disc”. But what is a “slipped disc”? Most people think it is like biting into a tuna sandwich and having all the tuna go out the backside.  Oops! That must be really bad! Then again, you may have been told that your diagnosis is a “bulged disc”, “protruding disc”, “herniated disc”, “degenerating disc”, “Fragmenting disc” or maybe “degenerative disc disease”. How confusing can these disc problems be? VERY CONFUSING! . . . continue with Do You Have a "Slipped Disc"?

Chiropractic for Headache Relief

By Robert J. Steiskal, D.C.

Estimates show that nine out of every ten Americans suffer from headaches—not a surprising figure in light of the typical American lifestyle. Many people consider a headache a normal occurrence: you pop a few pills, and it usually goes away. If it doesn’t, you double the dose. The problem with this “pill for every ill” approach is that a headache is not normal, and should not be accepted as a normal part of life. When people use drugs to ease their headache pain, they do nothing to eliminate the cause of the pain. . . continue with Chiropractic for Headache Relief

Innate Intelligence – The Health That You Possess

By Robert J. Steiskal, D.C.

The health profession that we know as Chiropractic has been around for since 1895. During the first half of the 20th century, thousands of men and women chiropractors went to jail for ‘practicing medicine without a license’ because the medical scientific world of that day could not accept the different concept: Health comes from within. Chiropractic calls this healing ability innate intelligence. . . . continue with Innate Intelligence - The Health That You Possess